Failure to Appear Stunningly BlackBerry 10

Research In Motion does not seem to want to linger under the control of Google and Apple. In the event the BlackBerry World Conference held on May 1, 2012, it is clear that RIM wanted to compete in the smartphone market, behind market makes RIM slumped, with BlackBerry 10 shows a still a prototype.

Certainly, this is not the first time you heard the news about BlackBerry 10. RIM’s latest gadget is the “ultimate weapon” for the company based in Canada, to get back into the competitive smartphone market. “We want to give perspective to the consumer that this product is very easy to use,” said Thorsten Heins .

At the event, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins also demonstrate several new capabilities of BlackBerry 10. Equipped with the latest touch screen, you only have to shift some icons to view information from a document, view the latest email, mark your calendar, and add the information in the address book. A feature that we can meet in any smartphone that has been circulating in the market first.

RIM attempt to rise, it seems very difficult. If the analogy, RIM are now trying to rebuild from the rubble caused by his defeat in the smartphone competition. Prototype BlackBerry 10 does look pretty special in the conference program. However, there are still many who doubt the performance and quality of the mobile phone.

Almost all known types of BlackBerry physical keyboard. However, through the BlackBerry 10, a different and revolutionary changes shown by RIM. They dared to eliminate his trademark, such as a physical keyboard and replace it with a touch screen. In addition, the phone also has a touch frame to replace the physical “home”. BlackBerry PlayBook 10 so it looks like a little with a few touches of new technologies.

But behind the sophistication and remarkable progress made by RIM, BlackBerry 10 still have a problem. They still have to look for application developers to compete with other products. In comparison, up to now has 15,000 applications for the RIM PlayBook tablet and 70,000 applications for smartphones. While the iPad has 200,000 applications and nearly half a million apps for the iPhone.

As if to make BlackBerry 10 is getting smaller, a survey conducted by IDC Appcelator and showed that only 16 percent of developers interested in creating applications for the RIM program. 90 percent and 80 percent of them prefer to create programs for Apple and Android.

It must be recognized, that many are interested in the latest developments made by RIM. However, if the developer companies do not do something really revolutionary and stop relying on features of BlackBerry Messenger, then the consumer will prefer the iPhone and Android as a mainstay in everyday life.