Tips Defuse Conflict with Coworkers

Working in teams often encounter obstacles and trigger conflict. Disputes can cause stress and decreased productivity for the people involved in it.

In order for a protracted conflict, follow the following steps to resolve conflict and awkwardness with colleagues, as quoted from eHow.

1. Speaking calmly, politely and rationally. Focus on the situation and the facts. Important to remember is not to spread the problems that occur with other colleagues.

2. Avoid body language, facial expressions and tone of voice that shows hostility. That stance is provocative greater. And be assertive not aggressive. Assertive behavior is behavior that reveal interpersonal emotions openly, honestly, firmly dam to the point in an attempt to achieve emotional freedom and be done with full confidence and polite. Continue reading “Tips Defuse Conflict with Coworkers”

Confusion Parents Can Help Babies Learn to Talk

Have you ever suddenly confused explain something so have to murmur like ‘ummm’ and ‘aah’? According to the study, was a murmur because of the confusion it can actually help babies learn to talk.

The study was conducted by the University of Rochester, New York. They studied three groups of children aged 18-30 months.

When researched, each child was placed in the groin father or mother in front of a computer. The computer then shows the pictures were quite familiar to them such as a ball or a book and images that are less well known.

The baby was then listened to their parents’ voices when saying the object is seen on a computer. When the father or mother, confused and grunting ‘ummm’ and ‘aaah’, the baby instinctively immediately see on the picture is less known than the familiar images. He felt the picture was suddenly important. Continue reading “Confusion Parents Can Help Babies Learn to Talk”

Defining Condos

For some people, condos may be a concept of confusion. Condominiums are represented as a step between home ownership and apartment dwelling. Condos are very popular nowadays especially for those working people and small family.  Compared to home ownership and apartments, they come up with good or bad things. Condos are much just look like an apartment complex.  They considered as multi-units which can be either one floor or townhouses.  Condos and apartments can be differ in terms of ownership.  The condo owner can get a title for the unit. There is also difference between ownership of home and condo is that a condo can be owned not the land. The total group of condo owners can only own the real condo and they share with partial titles and common areas such as roofs, hallways and swimming pools.


Moreover, condominiums are being managed by the owner’s association which provides rules and regulations among owners. This association ruled many things like the association oblige the owners to pay the maintenance fee for maintaining the common areas. Another thing that the association do’s and don’ts is the owner can paint whatever theme he or she likes inside the unit but he/she forbids  doing it outside.  Usually the association provides a meeting and gives everyone to speak themselves before implementing the rules so to be fair so to speak but the final rulings will be implemented by the association.


Condos actually provide a simple way for individuals own dwelling, but without giving hassles in maintaining the outside area. So you must know the pros and cons before signing the contract of the owner.  Making sure that you know the place and you need to take a serious review in making a decision. You can ask from people who live there so you can have idea how it’s going on.  Background check is a must so you will not make fail decision in the future.

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8 Tips Baby Bathing

After giving birth, one of the activities that mothers should learn is how to bathe the baby. For your mothers and new mothers, the following tips, as quoted iVillage:

1. Before bathing, you should first prepare all equipment before and after the baby shower. Ranging from towels, soap, bath, shampoo, clean clothes, gauze (if the baby has not been off the umbilical cord), Telon oil, and other necessities.

2. Make sure your baby is satisfied and calm before the bath. Choose a bath when the baby looks relaxed.

3. Use a washcloth or sponge bath soft for baby’s umbilical cord has not been separated.

4. Tests used to condition water used baby shower with your wrist or elbow. The water bath should be warm and comfortable for the baby. Continue reading “8 Tips Baby Bathing”

Tips For Kids To Learn Toilet Training

After knowing when the right time to teach your child toilet training, you now need to learn the tricks that the kids want to do so. Here are some powerful ways that children want a small or large bowel movements in the bathroom.

1. Prepare all necessary equipment
As reported by the Mayo Clinic, put the potty (potty chair) in your bathroom. Ask the children to sit on the potty. Besides pot, you can also put pictures of that interest your child. These pictures can be the way you want your child to go to the bathroom.

Ask the children to try the potty until he feels comfortable. Feel free to experiment a few times. It does not matter if the kids end up playing. Most importantly the children are not familiar with the object.

2. Exercise Continue reading “Tips For Kids To Learn Toilet Training”

Smartphone Processor Is Not The Most Important

With the increasing number of smartphones in circulation, you may experience some confusion in determining the choice of buying a gadget. Moreover, the development by each plant as not stopping and constantly improve the appearance of the quality and performance of its products, up from the outward appearance.

However, we are often stuck with the idea that the more complete a processor core, the higher the graphics capabilities of the mobile phone.

Greg Sullivan, Senior Product Manager of Microsoft, says that you can not just rely on the processor as the only reference in buying a smart phone. “When you becoming number of processor cores as the sole consideration, then you’ve made a mistake,” Sullivan said as quoted from

Double strength with double chip

You may often hear the general opinion that says that a gadget will have a chart improvement in performance when the processor has more than one core. You will often get advice from friends who say that dual-core processors and quad-core processors will have better performance when compared to a smartphone powered by a single core processor.
Continue reading “Smartphone Processor Is Not The Most Important”

Let’s Teach Little Discipline

The little one entered the age of the children, usually begins like your anger by shouting, hitting or kicking. How to cope with a child with this kind of attitude?

As a parent, you will naturally feel annoyed at the attitude of the child. But scolding is not a good way to cope with his bad attitude. Grumpy can make children do not respect and obey you.

Reported by Babycenter, bad attitude shown by the little guy screaming, crying, hitting or kicking it, is actually part of the development. Children who started to move two years doing such things as a part of the way he creates a sense of confidence and be independent.

As a parent you can do is start teaching your child discipline. How? Here are tips: Continue reading “Let’s Teach Little Discipline”

Impressive Debut Nokia Lumia 900

Everyone must know Nokia, one of the mobile phone manufacturers who had controlled almost the entire market of mobile phone users in Indonesia. However, his name was sunk along with the widespread circulation of smart phones, such as BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone.

Faced with such competition, Nokia does not want to continue to stay silent. Finnish company made a new story that rocked the world of gadget users through its newest product, the Nokia Lumia 900.

Lumia 900 is a result of cooperation of two large technology companies, namely Nokia and Microsoft. They collaborated to create a phone that is expected to compete in the smartphone market. Microsoft itself has a personal mission in the partnership. They want to re-appoint its name after losing the competitive landscape against smartphone makers.

Keep in mind, not the Windows Phone Lumia 900 is touted as one of the masterpieces of the Microsoft. But in the United States, Lumia 900 has become a bigger story than Windows Phone. The phone is scheduled to be released on April 8, 2012.

In general, the Lumia 900 does not offer anything new. With a screen measuring 4.3-inch AMOLED display, touch screen Nokia makes a pretty feast for the eyes and easy to see, even though we are under the sun rays. But what is unfortunate, the resolution under the iPhone or other Android phones the size of 720p. Nokia provides a single processor with a speed of 1.4 GHz as the brain of the mobile phone.
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Nokia Lumia 710 Launched

Nokia Lumia 710 the latest gadgets from Nokia, the handset with Windows Phone 7.5 or Mango officially launched Nokia at the Nokia World event in London. Both a weapon before Nokia will reportedly start poured more Windows phones this year.

Indeed, Windows Phone platform has been used a few phone vendors such as HTC, Samsung, to LG. However, Nokia believes they are better handsets and present the experience of using Windows Phone is real.

Worth the wait if gambling Nokia with Windows Phone OS sweet fruit. Some analysts believe Nokia Lumia has the potential to rival the iPhone or Android, from the design and the features it offers.

In terms of design, both the handset looks classy. Especially Lumia 800, which is intended for high-end segment. Then the Nokia 710 form something like the Symbian phones. Nokia 710 itself back cover can be replaced with a wide selection of bright colors. The Nokia Lumia 710, only 125.5 grams but the screen size is much smaller than the Lumia 800.

Physical buttons on the Lumia 710 is simple, there are three buttons that link the ‘previous’, home (Windows icon), and Search. But unfortunately, to a position in front view only two tabs that can slide back and forth by the user. Compare with other OS, which can even be more than 5 different tabs.
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Come Little Weaning with Love

Mothers may breastfeed their children until the age of two years, as recommended by WHO. After that, the mother can start the process of weaning. But sometimes the process is difficult and cause grief.

Sadly because kids can begging for feeding, while the mother refused because keukeuh run weaning process. There are also mother to do unusual things like making her nipples tasted bitter, so the baby refuses to suckle again.

Actually there are ways more convenient for the mother and child in this weaning process. This process is commonly referred to as weaning or weaning with love with love. Like what?

According to the Chairman of the Association of Breastfeeding (AIMI) Mia Sutanto child should be weaned when it is his time. When time is it? It all depends on the readiness of the child and mother. If the child still likes to suckle, no need to rush. Continue reading “Come Little Weaning with Love”