4 Poor Effect Too Often Drink Green Tea

During this green tea known for its many benefits, both for diet, calming the mind and the prevention of osteoporosis. But apparently behind these benefits, there are four side effects caused by green tea, as quoted from the amazing-green-tea.

1. When you consume too much caffeine
Tea contains half the amount of caffeine found in coffee. For some people who are sensitive to caffeine, will have symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, insomnia, tremor, palpitations, loss of appetite, nausea, frequent urination too red even on the skin. Therefore, it is better if you do not consume green tea excessively.

2. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
Green tea contains caffeine, catechins, and tannic acid. The three content has been frequently associated with the risk of pregnancy, one of which causes neurological disorders in infants. But if you eat naturally, it does not need to happen. But preferably, avoid consuming green tea during early pregnancy. Continue reading “4 Poor Effect Too Often Drink Green Tea”

4 of 10 Little Mother Shame Still Bedwetting

Your child is still wetting the bed? If so, are you embarrassed to share a story about it to others? According to the survey, 4 out of 10 parents admitted embarrassed and did not want to share the story of a brother or parents.

The survey was conducted by the nappy pants product DryNites and 1513 followed by the mother. From the survey it was revealed, there are 75 percent of respondents agreed that bedwetting is a shame, as diverse as asthma or eczema were considered normal.

As many as four out of 10 respondents whose children wet the bed, said they would not discuss the situation with parents. The mother was afraid judged as bad parents because their children still wet the bed.

Jenni Trent-Hughes, a family counselor and mother who overcame the fear response to the survey. “It’s interesting to see the mothers who communicate via all kinds of social networking, Twitter, Facebook and blog, but can not talk about things they think are embarrassing, the children still wet the bed. Though they may share experiences and help each other,” Jenni said. He himself had admitted embarrassed to tell other mothers when their children are still wetting the bed. Continue reading “4 of 10 Little Mother Shame Still Bedwetting”

Old phones, new functions

How quickly products – products appear in the smartphone market. The sooner your old smartphone usage excluded. The ability of smart phones continues – constantly increasing often allow users tempted to keep abreast of developments.

So what happened to your old smartphone? In addition to sale, typically the device – long the device was just left alone because it was lying unused. And actually use the old smartphone can still be maximized again, although not as new as the first time it is used.

Here are some options that can be done on your old smartphone unused maximum.

Remote Control
It turns a smartphone can be used as a remote control. You can use it to instruct a computer or other device to play video or music. Some applications that you can download even allows you to control your TV or home theater directly to your smartphone via an infrared signal.

Ability universal use this old smartphone can do without having to spend much money. Here are a few remote control application which you can use for Android devices.
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Samsung GALAXY S III Finally Officially Released

After rumors of release repeatedly reported, Samsung finally officially announced the presence of Samsung GALAXY S III Samsung unpacked event in 2012 in London. Samsung Galaxy S III is following HTC One X which also carries quad-core processors.

From the specification, upscale Android smartphone Samsung’s work armed Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich and a quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex A9 Exynos 4212 chipset with Quad. For the screen, the Samsung Galaxy S III to use Super AMOLED HD screen (1280 × 720 pixels) 4.8-inch size. This is the largest screen size Samsung ranks No. 2 in the Galaxy (after the Galaxy Note).

The camera performance is also given special attention. For the rear camera, S III presents 8 MP camera with features HDR, flash and fast performance with no lag. While the front camera has 1.9 megapixel resolution support is capable of recording HD video. Given also improved battery capacity, which reached 2100mAh.

Kristian Tjahjono of  canggih.com mention that the Galaxy S III has one feature that lies in the approach to design and design a more user-oriented. Galaxy S III to recognize faces, movements and voice users.

Through the “Stay Smart”, the camera S III will detect your eyes and adjust the display settings appropriate activities underway. Also there is the “S Voice” to hear and capture your greeting. With “S Voice”, you can play songs, adjust the volume, send SMS and email, to schedule or start the camera, just by the sound. Overview of existing similar feature Siri iPhone 4S.
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Tricks Make Office Atmosphere More Fun

Pressure of work, attitude too professional and uphold norms of decency, sometimes giving saturation in the workplace. A dull office environment needs to be modified to work more energized.

Make more pleasant office atmosphere will improve morale and develop a positive culture in the office. There is a way to break the tension in the office, without leaving professionalism. Here are tips from eHow.

Encouraging a Sense of Humor
Many offices are too quiet and lonely. Encourage other colleagues to laugh and build a sense of humor, can avoid a work environment that is too serious. A sense of humor can lead to fresh ideas for the company. When a break you can watch videos on the computer humor with humor or tell another colleague. Pleasant atmosphere will avoid stress and colleagues can bring a team.
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The benefits of breastfeeding are Not in Infant Formula

There is still a little baby can get breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months. Some babies just given formula made from cow’s milk. Though there are a lot of milk that contains no formula.

The first thing a mother needs to know is the content of human milk and cow’s milk is different. In cow’s milk protein level is 3.4 percent higher, while only 0.9 percent of human milk. Lactose content in human milk is 7 percent larger while in cow’s milk by 4.8 percent.

“Because it’s breast milk to formula milk for brain and muscle,” said Dr. Igan Pratiwi as Chairman of the Task Force IDAI ASI (Indonesian Pediatric Association) in the seminar on Improving Exclusive Breastfeeding For Infants in Support of MDGs at the Manhattan Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (29 / 3/2011).

The doctor who was familiarly called Tiwi said lactose is very important in the formation of brain myelin. Myelin serves to deliver the stimulation received by the baby. When suckling stimulus received by the child as her smell and hear and feel the breath of the mother.
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Hand Phone Also Needed Children

Mobile in the hand can be useful for communication. On the contrary, it can also backfire deviant behavior. How should?

The biggest innovation in the history of mankind that this one is very interesting. Young and old, urban and rural, the majority are familiar with the cordless phone.

Although initially Handphone (HP) is a tool for communication, its development is no longer the case. HP is a multimedia device with a variety of interesting features such as games, radio, camera, video, and internet. Even the minimalist HP-featured games are usually equipped facilities.

In addition to the unique voice ringtone and casing are funny, this is the most diverse games attract children. Child psychologist from the University of Indonesia Dra Mayke S Tedjasaputra Msi argued, giving HP the child must see destinations and interests. That is, the child is given HP for what? It is not justified to buy HP if you just went along with the trend.

“But if it’s important and there is a certain urgency, parents can just HP, but also let me know their limits,” said psychologist who also play this therapist. To avoid their rival show or event among friends, the child should buy HP with its corresponding functions and needs. This goes back to the essence or main purpose the provision of HP in children, which for the purposes of communication with parents.
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Why Do Baby Solid Foods Too Early given?

WHO recommends that babies be breastfed exclusively until six months of age. But not a few women who feel the need to give the baby food even though he was not yet six months. What are the risks if the babies were given solid foods too early?

Reported by iVillage, according to a study published Pediatrics, infants who consume formula and solid foods are introduced before the age of four months, will be more at risk of overweight at age three years. While breastfed infants up to six months is not too risky obesity.

“Our study is in line with guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics (Pediatric Organizations in the United States), that wait up to four months or longer to introduce solid foods to reduce the risk of obesity,” said researcher Dr. Susanna Y. Huh, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital Boston.

In conducting the study, Susanna and his team examined 847 children and mothers. Women were examined in the study were recorded from them yet spawned and continue to follow developments at least three years. Continue reading “Why Do Baby Solid Foods Too Early given?”

When Little Taught Start Toilet Training?

Toilet training is so popular term to train the child to the bathroom. When should the exercise was started?

For children and parents, toilet or potty training is one of the important stages. Since infants are accustomed to pee (urinate) or large (BAB) will, now they have to learn to do it in the bathroom.

Some children expressed a desire to learn bowel and bladder in the bathroom at the age of two years. There are also children who do not want to do it even though they were 2.5 years of age or older.

Reported by the Mayo Clinic, no need to start a rush to do toilet training. If children are taught from an early age, it is likely that the stages will be completed much longer.

How do parents know if a child is ready for toilet training or not? Try to answer the following questions:
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Working Mom Just Got 81 Minutes for Children

At the present time, not a few women who have become mothers continue to work to help the family finances. Working mothers were so often feel the dilemma, split time for children, families and their jobs.

A British study recently revealed that working mothers can apparently only took 1 hour 21 minutes or 81 minutes to take care of children and families. While mothers who stay at home, have a couple of more times. These women dedicate 2 hours 35 minutes of their time to feed, bathe and play with children.

The above research conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The study also compares the performance of working mothers in the UK with 21 other industrialized nations.

From these studies note, working mothers in Ireland could take 150 minutes to take care of the child. While in Australia, 137 minutes. While working mothers in the United States, Canada, Italy, Sweden and Spain could spend more time with children than mothers to work in the UK. Continue reading “Working Mom Just Got 81 Minutes for Children”