BlackBerry Mini Keyboard

Very rapid progress from the world of technology now makes smart phones and tablets equipped with touchscreen capability. The producers minded that users would be more practical to use with this facility.

Apparently not all tablet users can comfortably use his touchscreen ability to do many things. One that seems to be an obstacle for those who are less comfortable typing  process.

Seeing the problem, Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry product authorized developers saw an opportunity to bring a product PlayBook accessories for BlackBerry devices. RIM introduces PlayBook keyboard called Blackberry Mini Keyboard.

Keyboard PlayBook may be a multifunctional device that can support the tablet to be used vertically. Not only keyboard PlayBook, RIM has also insert touchpad. That way you will gain experience using the PlayBook using a touchpad that has been integrated into BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is.

Touchpad enables you to use it like a computer mouse or the controls on the touchpad are commonly used in notebook devices.

As well as the standard keyboard in general, BlackBerry Mini Keyboard comes with a QWERTY layout keyboard keys. That way, you can navigate and control as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet using a regular touch screen.

Currently active PlayBook keyboard, virtual keyboard automatically in the tablet will be hidden and you can be free to do many things using this tool.

According to the Director of Advanced Accesorries, James Poulton, even when you’re typing an email, create documents, access the Internet using a web browser or other application, BlackBerry Mini Keyboard can be an ideal accessory for your PlayBook device.

For security, RIM has made the PlayBook’s keyboard to connect to the device via Bluetooth. In addition, this keyboard also features 128-bit encryption for data in order to save through the tablet and keyboard safely.

In addition, the PlayBook’s keyboard has a thickness of approximately 6 mm and microUSB connectivity for charging energy. Once the keyboard is fully charged, this device can be used for 30 days of use.

In addition, BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is also able to work with your BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0. Messages and can serve applications calendar, contacts, and of course the application Documents To Go.

RIM also promises an experience optimized for the process of accessing applications such as Citrix Receiver. That way you can access the remote Windows desktops and applications directly from the tablet.