5 Wrong Myths About Baby

“Do not be too long to hold the baby, then smell your hand.” Have you heard these words? If so, saying it is simply a myth.

As a new mother, you would often be confused with the ban or appeal presented to others. Is advice from them? Should be followed? It could be just a myth, that there may be on your mind.

To avoid further confusion, here are five myths about babies is wrong and what the actual facts:

Myth 1: If held too long, the baby will smell your hands and continue to be picked up

Fact: Midwives in Ontario, Canada, Karin Terpsta said the fact that there is actually much different from the myth above. “Responding quickly babies can actually make a baby so much easier to calm irritated and if he cries,” added Terpsta.

Canadian pediatricians, Denis Leduc added, in some countries there are mothers who carry their babies all day and it does not cause any effect. According to Leduc, baby will not lead to anything except the mother and baby closer and strengthen their bond.

Myth 2: The baby will sleep soundly after the age of three months

Fact: Until the age of three months, babies can not really sleep soundly for eight hours. “Did you sleep well at night is part of the process of development of the baby,” said Leduc. He explained, for 1-3 months, within 24 hours of the baby will sleep 16-20 hours. But sleep long enough for him it will be divided. For example, the baby would sleep for three hours and then get up for the next three hours.

New at the age of 4-6 months, babies begin to know the difference between day and night. At that time they were able to sleep longer at night, some more than six hours or more. It was not until nine months of age, 70-80% of infants can sleep soundly at night.

Myth 3: Babies fed solid foods faster (3-4 months of age) usually would sleep longer and not get hungry in the evening.

Fact: “The myth that is totally wrong,” said Terpsta. “In fact, giving babies solid food before six months can make digestion disrupted because it actually was not ready,” he added.

Meanwhile, according to Leduce, kidneys babies are simply not ready to accept anything other than breast milk before six months. Not only that, by giving food before six months, infants at risk of obesity.

Myth 4: A newborn baby can not see clearly the mother, only a shadow.

Fact: Since the new born baby can immediately see the focus within sight of 20-30 cm. In the first week of his birth, the baby will usually respond to the motion and focus on the mother’s face, which often is nearby. If the baby starts to smile, that he had recognized his mother.

Myth 5: Crying great for baby’s lung development, so do not rush to carry her as she began to cry.

Fact: “The need for infant emotions must be addressed,” said Leduc. “The mothers often give up emotional responses in the first three months of life, babies will feel more safe and comfortable,” he added.