4 Ways to Overcome a Crying Baby

Crying is a baby’s way of communicating with you to tell you what he wants. But sometimes, the crying can make you panic and confusion. Here are four ways to cope with crying babies, as reported by Fit Pregnancy.

1. Meet the Need
One way of dealing with a crying baby is to meet their needs. Find out if the baby is hungry? sleepy? urinating or large? By regularly checking the condition of the baby and make sure he’s okay, you can reduce the risk she would cry.

2. Reducing Stimulation Overload
Sometimes babies cry even if all your needs are fulfilled. This usually happens because he’s getting too much stimulation. This stimulation can vary, such as light, sound and the people around him.

The baby had been in the womb for almost 10 months and is in a dark environment. Once born, he suddenly was in a bright environment, a lot of noise and surrounded by people. Newborns need time to adjust to his new surroundings. Therefore they could have burst into tears because of discomfort.

If your baby cries when everyone suddenly kebutuhanya been fulfilled, try to take the baby to a quieter room. Turn off the television or music that could upset him. Hold your baby wipe and rub his back to comfort him.

3. Holding the Baby
According to the site Instictive-Parenting, some babies cry because they want to feel better. They could have cried because of the environment that makes it stressful and felt surprised when outdoor living fetus. If your baby is crying because it is, and let him gendonglah crying. But show him that he should not show his emotions. Do not buckle the baby too hard. Try to distract him with a toy. By letting the baby cry to release stress she felt, this crying episode will gradually diminish.

4. Control Your Emotions
Keep in mind, the baby is very sensitive to the environment. If you as a mother to feel stressed, anxious, sad or impatient, the baby can feel it. Especially if you feel those feelings while holding her. Try to control your emotions and change your discomfort becomes love.