Your Guide to Barging on the Canal de Bourgogne

Your Guide to Barging on the Canal de Bourgogne

The Canal de Bourgogne in Burgundy is often revered as one of the nicest canals to navigate in France, with beautiful scenery that features charming French houses and colourful greenery. There are lots of historical sites to visit along the way too, including cathedrals, abbeys and markets. Length and Route
This 242-kilometre-long waterway connects Burgundy to Paris. If you want to expore the canal on a barge holiday in France, I would recommend travelling on the Saône Tiver from Saint Jean de Losne to Dijon, before winding down towards Monereau, passing through Yvonne, to finally reach the Seine. History and Feats of Engineering


Conceptualised in the seventeenth century, this canal is an incredibly well thought-out chef d’oeuvre of engineering, perfect for your barge holiday in France. The waterway opened in 1832 and took over 50 years to build. It features 127 locks, the most impressive of which is at Pouilly-en-Auxois. This lock is continuously filled by an underground reservoir via a tunnel system; it serves as a watershed from which the water flows both towards Dijon in the south and towards Migennes in the north.

The canal boasts many ingenious features. Its best one, though, is the tunnel which links the Pouilly-en-Auxois lock with the small port of Escommes. It is a very narrow two-and-a-half-mile-long underground passageway that was dug out from the rock in the early nineteenth century. Even today, it remains an essential connection between the north and south of France. Attractions en Route

The great thing about a barge holiday in France is that the canal wends its way through a number of beautiful French cities, giving you time to explore their history and soak in a little local culture. Cruising along the Canal de Bourgogne allows you to explore the Northern and Southern areas of the region.

In the north, be sure to visit the Abbaye de Fontenay. Though founded in the early 1100s, its structure has been incredible well-maintained with its cloisters, scriptorium and dormitories still intact. It’s a breathtaking piece of architecture, and now that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, even its gardens and ponds retain their original glory.

As you travel further down south, you’ll want to visit the monumental Notre-Dame de Dijon. It’s a Gothic-style church with an ornamented façade that boasts gorgeous columns and archways, as well as the typical gargoyles. Inside, you’ll find lovely colourful stain-glass paintings. Both edifices are an unmissable time capsule, the first providing unrivalled insight into Cistercian life and industry, while the second lets you revisit French Catholic practices.

If you have time, you should also stroll through Dijon’s market. It wouldn’t be a barge holiday in France without sampling French wines, local cheeses and artisanal breads. There are also pâté and terrine stalls that are worth a visit, as well as local delicacies like snails on offer. Make sure to try Dijon’s famous mustard and take some back with you as a souvenir. It’s a real treat for the tastebuds!

Paul Newman is the Marketing and E-Systems Executive for European Waterways, the UK’s most respected provider of all-inclusive, luxury itineraries for a barge holiday in France and other great destinations. Part of a team of experienced barging aficionados, Paul is first in line to endorse the perks of a slow-paced barge cruise to anyone looking for a unique holiday experience.

Short Course on Experts – What You Need To Know

Finding the Right Handyman Services Do you need to have something around the house fixed? Then this could be a job for a handyman. A west Vancouver handyman can fix all sorts of things for you. Vancouver handyman services allows you to ride the easy life and leave the difficult tasks to an expert. Handyman can be hired to do numerous jobs. Handyman can replace drywall papers, fix the bathroom, replace broken sidings on windows, fix the doors and even the busted kitchen cabinet. They are known to be master of none. Some handyman Vancouver BC can help you do some landscaping and gardening as well as assemble your furniture. A handyman is great when you need to get some help putting the Christmas decors, fixing the deck, have some electrical wirings checked and even to hang some picture frames. There are places that disallows the handyman to do some things that involve the plumbing or the electrical wiring. It is best to have this delicate jobs delegated to the right professional. A handyman should be able to finish the job easily. A great handyman can give you the guarantee of the workmanship. This means that the work can be redone without additional payment should it breaks down during the guarantee period. A great handyman should be able to arrive at your doorstep in a fraction of the time. You need a handyman that you can rely on during emergencies. There are times that you may need some help in the middle of the night. A handyman should be able to respond quickly to your needs. The handyman should be knowledgeable about the age of the building or the house. Clearly, this can help the handyman tremendously since it can be used to improve the workmanship. The issue on the age and the building materials can be a crucial matter on how effective the handyman can deliver the services. The handyman’s efficiency is determined on how he can deal with the issues.
News For This Month: Professionals
Cost is a factor when choosing a handyman. Often times, the handyman will be billing you per job. It is wise to get a quote first before hiring the handyman. In the event that the job is not that crucial to be done right away, it is better to seek other contractors for price comparison. A cheap price is not a sure fire guarantee that you will get a quality job. You may need to consider more expensive contractors as long as they can do a quality job.News For This Month: Professionals

Crazy Family Fun in Chamonix

Crazy Family Fun in Chamonix

Chamonix is known as one of the best skiing areas in the world – and rightly so! It has a wide-ranging array of pistes that the whole family can enjoy together. From nursery slopes for your little ones to advanced, adrenaline-fuelled pistes for adults and teenagers, Chamonix has something special for everyone.
In addition to skiing, there are many other fun-filled and family-friendly activities that’ll make your ski holiday an exciting adventure that the kids will never forget.


Dog Sledding

Are your kids big fans of puppers and woofers? Then you’ll definitely see their eyes light up when you take them dog sledding.

Bred from wolf and domestic dog (usually husky) crosses, these friendly animals love to pull sleds, and they’re so elegant that it makes for a really smooth ride. What’s more, these animals are super affectionate, and you’ll probably find you want one as a pet if you treat the family to a dog sledding experience! This activity is increasingly popular, so make sure to book in advance to avoid disappointment.


How does soaring through the snowy peaks of the Alps sound?

Thanks to its glaciers, rugged peaks and eagles, Chamonix is known as the Mecca of mountain flying. Even beginners can enjoy a huge adrenaline rush and amazing flights with very high levels of safety, as the gear is really advanced. If you don’t want to take lessons, tandem flying is also is an option – you’ll take to the skies with an experienced pilot, who will introduce you to the sights that this stunning region has to offer.


This is a wonderful way for the whole family to experience the region’s alpine beauty. Snowshoeing takes you away from the over-crowded slopes to the snowy mountains, where you can see deer, foxes and hares in their natural habitat. Why not venture onto glacial terrain for something a little more exciting? Or how about leaving the kids with a child minder and enjoying a moonlit snowshoeing adventure?

Ice Skating

The Richard Bozon Sports Centre boasts an Olympic-sized indoor ice rink, as well as a smaller outdoor rink that’s only a short walk away from the town centre. Give this fun winter sport a whirl, or pop by for the local teams’ ice hockey matches, cheering them on as they play a home game.

How to Get There

Many budget airlines offer several flights every day from the UK to Geneva, with a flight time of only 90 minutes from London. Getting to Chamonix from Geneva couldn’t be easier – simply book a transfer with Shuttle Direct for a quick and easy journey to your accommodation in Chamonix. From Geneva, the transfer only takes about an hour, so you’ll be out on the slopes with the family in no time!

How to Achieve Maximum Success with Photos

How to Make Your Custom Wallpaper Personal By putting up some new wallpaper to your home is one of the most dramatic and affordable ways of modernizing you interior. To give your interior a look that is peculiar and definitely not ordinary, you can choose to have a custom wallpaper to be put on your wall. Creating custom wallpaper is a great way of playing with your creative imaginations by putting your own photos or your drawings or by having your paintings printed and hang it on your wall. If you are not confident enough on putting your own design, you can just find a lot of beautiful designs online. Putting up a single image as your design is also possible. You can also find a designer that will create wallpaper that is suited for the old design of your wall in case you are in the process of restoring your old home. Many people who are expert in creating designs for wallpaper that will perfectly matched to the preference of the customers are being hired by these wallpaper manufacturers. There are no limits in creating a design for your wallpaper and there a lot of online retailers who specialized in creating customized wallpapers. If you are a business owner who would like your customized wallpaper by featuring the logo or the slogan of your company, you can easily do this.
News For This Month: Wallpapers
No one will judge you in creating your own wallpaper, whether you are conservative or wild, you can create your own design any time you want. When it comes to home decorating and design, it will no longer be a necessary to compromise as a new era of wallpaper covering is here. By customizing your own wallpaper, you have the full power of choosing the size, the exact color and the type of texture that you want for your wallpaper. It would be easier for you to decorate your home if you are the one who designed your wallpaper.
News For This Month: Wallpapers
Having a colorful design for your wallpaper will be perfect for the bedroom of your child. To have an image that seem to come to life right before the eyes of your child, you can put toys, pets, or some television show character on the design. Many sports minded individuals show their support by displaying sports legend or team logos as their wallpaper. One way of adding some detail to a room is by putting up some borders. For a nice finished touch on your wallpaper, a wallpaper border can be added. You can also customized your borders and it can add a more personalized touch to your home. I know that by reading this article will trigger your creative imagination of creating your own design so make sure to surf the internet for more details about customizing your own wallpaper.

4 Things to Do When Children Lie

As a parent would you always expect your child to tell the truth. But often it does not match expectations with reality. How do I stop the habit of lying?

According to psychologists from the National University Hospital, Jessie Ooh, children lie for different reasons than adults. “Children pre-school age children can lie because they can not distinguish between fantasy and reality. They love to tell stories that are not real,” he said.

Added Jessie, children pre-school age children do not understand lying is a mistake. “Children lie because they want to be liked or friends or other people they want to look good can work together or with others,” he said.

Whatever the cause, the parents still have to break the habit of lying child. Parents should not lie even though it was a white lie. For example, you claim to have no money when children are too often ask buy toys. Continue reading “4 Things to Do When Children Lie”

Say “Mmm!” in Morzine

Say “Mmm!” in Morzine

Nestling at the bottom of an ancient river gorge, the old market town of Morzine is a favourite destination for skiing families and couples alike. Many return year after year not just for picturesque landscapes or the friendly people, but for the food! I am often asked by couples returning to Morzine, or visiting for the first time – where are the very best places to eat? There are host of great restaurants to choose from, but if you only have a handful of days up in the mountains, here are a few that visitors just cannot afford to miss.
L’Atelier d’Alexandre Restaurant


If you are looking for pure luxury dining, L’Atelier is perfect. Established by head chef Alexandre Baud-Pachon in 2004, the restaurant is located in the Hotel Le Samoyède and boasts a Michelin star. Alexandre prides himself on using the freshest local ingredients and showcases some of the best French mountain cuisine. The menu is pricy – the cheapest set menu is €45 – but it contains 5 of the most luxurious courses you could imagine. L’Atelier’s 10,000 bottle strong wine cellar isn’t bad either for lovers of the French grape.

La Paika

A restaurant right in the action, La Paika can be found in a gorgeous wooden cabin right in the centre of the Les Gets ski area. On clear and bright days diners can eat out on the terrace which offers a great view of the surrounding slopes. If you or your loved one is a meat lover then La Paika is the place for you, offering a huge array of cold cuts, as well as locally reared meats cooked over a huge wood burning stove. Make sure you arrive with a roaring appetite and leave in time to catch the last chairlift home.

Restaurant Le Clin d’Oeil

Cheese is not hard to come by on skiing holidays. However, with all that cheese to choose from, finding the best cheese menu can be a struggle. Luckily, Le Clin d’Oeil in the centre of Morzine offers the tastiest cheesy dishes available. Run by Jean-Noël and Kristel for the last 10 years, this cosy restaurant specialises in South West French cuisine and serves up the best tartiflette for miles around. Guests can enjoy their meals with a great selection of wine.

La Grange Restaurant

Getting to La Grange requires a bit of exploring. Tucked away on one of Morzine’s pretty backstreets, this popular eatery is only a minutes’ walk from the tourist office. Inside diners will find an authentically decorated restaurant which doesn’t pack its guests in but leaves plenty of room to breathe. Open during the summer and winter months, La Grange offers the some of the best vegetable dishes in gorge, useful if you need a break from all that meat and cheese. Even more useful is the private catering service they offer, making a delicious meal in the comfort of your chalet a reality.

Getting to Morzine

Morzine sits right on the French border with Switzerland and is not too far from Geneva. If you’re flying into Geneva, airport transfers to the town are easy to organise. Popular airliners easyJet, British Airways, and jet2 all fly direct to Geneva Airport with a flight time of around 1 ½ hours. Once you are in Switzerland, Shuttle Direct’s Geneva airport transfers whisk travellers away to Morzine in the same time for a fixed low price, so no haggling when you get here. You can also bring your ski gear on the transfer for free, as long as you let us know in advance. Easy.

Private Excursions Falmouth Jamaica

Private Excursions Falmouth Jamaica

Evidently there are many great excursions in and around Falmouth Jamaica. Pre-booking your private shore excursions before arriving in Jamaica is the best option; careful planning allows for doing more and seeing more of the island within the limited time that will be spent on the beautiful island.

To experience the wealth of Jamaica’s history you will need to visit the Georgian Town of Falmouth with its interesting stories and exquisite architecture; they tell tales of the island evolution from its colonial past and its present progression into the paradise that it is today. The town has managed to preserve the ambiance of a European town, and for this reason it manages to create a serene feeling for those who visit.

This stunning town of Falmouth, boasting the exquisite European architecture is pleasing to the eye. For size, Falmouth is a small town, but is perfect as an entry point to the island. For this reason, the town is home to one of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Ports. Situated on the northern coastline of Jamaica, Falmouth is between 30 and 60 minutes to some of the island’s best excursion sites.

Leaving from the Pier in Falmouth, the landscape will tell the story of the region’s colonial past; once being a major player in the sugar industry, the port that is now used by Royal Caribbean was once used as a commercial port where rum and sugar was shipped to Europe. The Hampden Plantation was where the sugar cane was grown and the sugar processed in the mills located on the property. Today, the site now houses the Hampden Rum Factory which offers tours of the facilities. It is a great experience for cruisers arriving at this port.

Rafting on the Martha Brae is another excursion that is very close to the Falmouth Port. It is a romantic experience for couples and is great for kids also. For older folks, this is a wonderful activity, making it a perfect choice for families. The rafts are handmade by locals; designed using the shoots of the bamboo plant. The Martha Brae River is tame body of water making raft rides down the river quite smooth and enjoyable. It doesn’t get better.

The town of Montego Bay is just a 30 minutes’ drive west of Falmouth. Being in this resort town you are guaranteed to have a great time. You have the choice of Great House Tours; either at Greenwood or Rose Hall for a peek into Jamaica’s past. The Rockland Bird Sanctuary affords a once in a lifetime experience to interact with some of the most gracious species of birds. There is golfing at one of the many courses; shopping for souvenirs, and a trip to the beach are just some of the activities in Montego Bay in which Cruisers arriving in Falmouth could indulge.

To the east of Falmouth there is the town of Ocho Rios, home to some of the best waterfalls in the world. The Dunn’s River Falls need no introduction; it is Jamaica’s premier tourist attractions featured in many travel magazines. It is 600 feet of gushing water, cascading down the rocks; great for climbing.

The Blue Hole Secret Falls is another waterfall in Ocho Rio; though not as popular as the Dunn’s River Falls most people think that it is a better experience. This is possibly because the Blue Hole Secret Falls offer ropes wings, cliff diving, jumping, swimming and cave exploration. Visitors report the thrill of the experience as being unforgettable. It one of the must do things in Jamaica whether you are staying in a hotel or as a Falmouth Cruise Excursions.

A Simple Plan: Water

Alkaline Water Systems Have A lot Of Health Benefits Our body would always be in a position where there will be waste, toxins and other harmful things from the food that we eat even from the air that we breathe in. Not just that, you should have noticed when you would drink water from the tap and you feel like you’re getting sick, that is due to the chemicals that are present in the tap, there are also harmful waste that might cause some diseases on your body. But you should not worry no more because today there are alkaline water systems that will surely give you a boost on your immune system against these toxic wastes that your body is getting everyday. What alkaline water really does is that it will help your body neutralize the acids hence also removing most of the toxins that we get each day. A too much acidic water is not good for us, but for alkaline water it has the pH level that will be safe for our body. You should always watch the acidity level of your water because if your body has too much acid in it then chances are there will be lesser supply for oxygen hence you will develop a lot of diseases and illness because of that. You just can’t deny that alkaline water really gives a lot of benefits for you, this means that if your drinking alkaline water, your fluid and mineral retention will be increased and if this is increased, more supply of oxygen will be distributed throughout your body, this will result to a better functioning organs and makes sense that you will be more healthier and your immune system will be much stronger if you’re going to use alkaline water as your new water.
Products Tips for The Average Joe
We all know how higher levels of acid present in our body would definitely lower our immune system, when this happens we are much more weaker and prone to a lot of diseases and sickness but if you’re going to use alkaline water which would neutralize the levels of acid in your body then you are guaranteed that you cannot get sick so easily and you will notice a big change in your health, more and more people are now realizing the good effects of alkaline water in their body and now they are switching to this new water system. The quality of the water is determined by the popularity of the company so you should always take your time in finding the right company that would supply you with the new alkaline water systems.Products Tips for The Average Joe

9 Lessons Learned: Doors

Benefits of Using Custom Closets Custom Closets Use Space Better For the average person, a closet is just a closet but for someone who designs closets as a living, closets have an unlimited number of different opportunities. People who design closets look at space in a very unique way because when they see space they don’t actually see the space like everyone else would but rather when they look at a space they see potential and then when they see potential they see what they can do with that potential. The typical person who looks at a space will just see an empty space and think nothing of it while a professional closet designer will be thinking what they could with that space and what is the most efficient use of that space and then they get to work in their heads figuring out different concepts on the fly, like different types of shelves, closets, cubby holes, the whole deal, for most designers they are probably going through many different concepts within a span of a few seconds. If you want to see magic happen right before your eyes then it would be a good idea to hire a professional closet designer, because these professionals have an uncanny ability to make space where there was no space. Be Imaginative
Getting Creative With Designs Advice
Even if you are creative that does not mean you are good at making a design for a closest, just like if someone is creative in designing cars does not mean he or she can design a house. Professionals who design closets for a living know all the ins and outs about closets and how they work and how to design them so they make the best use of space and this knowledge is not common knowledge so even if you are the most creative person in the world you would still have a hard time coming up with a good closet design and even if you did a professional closet designer can still probably improve it. One reason why these professional closet designers are well worth your money is simply because they have the ability to make a closet that is both gorgeous and practical and that is very hard to do, especially if you have a limited space and you are trying to squeeze out the most space possible but for these professionals it is just another day on the job for them.
Getting To The Point – Organizers
Lighting is Important Having a closest without a good lighting system is not going to work at all because you need to be able to see what is in the closest. Many people forget about the lighting, especially when they attempt to design their very own closets. A good way to figure out if the closet was designed well is by checking if has proper lighting. Without the proper lighting in a closet it simply would be pointless because you won’t be able to see your clothes or anything else you put in there.

Lessons Learned from Years with Products

Knowing More About Vitamin C And How It Slows Down The Aging Process As individuals approached their 40th birthday, they are already worried about their age as well as he appearance of their skin. Aging is among the stages of life that is dreaded by multitude men and women across the world simply because they don’t want to be called oldies and they don’t want to have wrinkles and different signs of aging on their skin. These are the reasons why there are numerous individuals who experimented with different synthetic and alternative anti-aging products showcased in the market. Given the multitude anti-aging products sold in stores, how can you determine which among these products are fitting for you? For additional information and suggestions on the anti-aging products, then continue reading this article. Knowing The Best Anti Aging Product If you only want the best and the right anti aging products sold in stores, then it is best that you consider those which contain topical Vitamin C. Researchers found that anti aging products containing topical Vitamin C have the capability of reversing and slowing down aging. Well, these products are found to be effective in repairing damaged cells due to its ability to penetrate into the cell’s inner surface. There are scientific studies that have proven that topical Vitamin C is effective in battling and slowing down aging due to the high levels of antioxidant content.
Vitamins: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make
The Rationale Behind The Effectiveness Of Topical Vitamin C In Fighting Aging
6 Facts About Vitamins Everyone Thinks Are True
Well, topical Vitamin C contains antioxidants, which are known to fight the harmful effects of free radicals. These free radicals are found everywhere such as diet, pollution and exposure to the sun. Because of the negative effects of smoking and alcohol, smokers and alcoholics look old compared to non smokers and non alcoholics of the same age brackets. As a matter of fact, these individuals show early signs of age spots, unequal tone of the skin as well as wrinkles. If you don’t want these things to happen to you, thus it is a must that you regularly take vitamin C. How Vitamin C Works On Your Skin? The high antioxidant content of topical Vitamin C is effectual when it comes to renewing skin’s firmness and elasticity, preventing aging signs as well as reducing aging sings on the skin. Since these products are very effective, you can come across companies that showcase vitamin C content on their skin. Because majority of men and women have frantic work schedules at home and at work, it is no longer surprising why majority of them failed to consume foods containing high levels of Vitamin C, thus the are requested to buy and to consume vitamin C supplements.