BlackBerry Mini Keyboard

Very rapid progress from the world of technology now makes smart phones and tablets equipped with touchscreen capability. The producers minded that users would be more practical to use with this facility.

Apparently not all tablet users can comfortably use his touchscreen ability to do many things. One that seems to be an obstacle for those who are less comfortable typing  process.

Seeing the problem, Research In Motion (RIM) BlackBerry product authorized developers saw an opportunity to bring a product PlayBook accessories for BlackBerry devices. RIM introduces PlayBook keyboard called Blackberry Mini Keyboard.

Keyboard PlayBook may be a multifunctional device that can support the tablet to be used vertically. Not only keyboard PlayBook, RIM has also insert touchpad. That way you will gain experience using the PlayBook using a touchpad that has been integrated into BlackBerry Mini Keyboard is.

Touchpad enables you to use it like a computer mouse or the controls on the touchpad are commonly used in notebook devices.

As well as the standard keyboard in general, BlackBerry Mini Keyboard comes with a QWERTY layout keyboard keys. That way, you can navigate and control as well as the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet using a regular touch screen.
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MyMusic Cloud on BlackBerry

Music player application on a smartphone application used by its users. One of the commonly used MyMusic Cloud. Because in any smartphone that can play music using this app ascertained.

Now almost all mobile devices has been equipped with cloud-based music player. And perhaps that so many have known is Application MyMusic Cloud.

Is an application that music player you normally encounter on Apple devices. Typically users iPad, iPhone and other Apple devices using the music player application is to meet the needs of its users to listen to music.

Well, publisher applications MyMusic Cloud music is also Equally Quickly pick up the BlackBerry users. Proven to have the appearance of an application MyMusic Cloud for BlackBerry users who have almost the same features as its predecessor.

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Samsung Galaxy Y Duos

Not to be outdone by LG Optimus Net, a competitor of the country which has launched its dual-SIM LG Optimus Net, now manufacturer Samsung also released Android phones that use dual SIM feature as well.

This is because Samsung wants to maintain its position that has dominated the Android phone in Indonesia. Samsung gave the name to Galaxy’s new offspring by the name Samsung Galaxy Y Duos.

Samsung Galaxy Y Duos carry the Android Gingerbread v2.3 system. But what about the performance brought by this new Galaxy? is able to maintain the prestige of the lineage Galaxy?

The designs are carried by Samsung Galaxy Y Duos is still retaining the distinctive design of the Samsung. However, the design of the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos more elegant and larger than the Samsung Galaxy Y.

On the outskirts of the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos is decorated with a metal trim that gives the impression of sturdy and stylish. The power button and the volume of the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos is perched right on the edge of the phone.

As for the transfer of files through computer supplied microUSB port on the bottom of the Samsung Galaxy Y Duos. Samsung Galaxy Y Duos carry the weight of 109 grams and dimensions of 109.8 x 60 x 12 mm.
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Impressive Debut Nokia Lumia 900

Everyone must know Nokia, one of the mobile phone manufacturers who had controlled almost the entire market of mobile phone users in Indonesia. However, his name was sunk along with the widespread circulation of smart phones, such as BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone.

Faced with such competition, Nokia does not want to continue to stay silent. Finnish company made a new story that rocked the world of gadget users through its newest product, the Nokia Lumia 900.

Lumia 900 is a result of cooperation of two large technology companies, namely Nokia and Microsoft. They collaborated to create a phone that is expected to compete in the smartphone market. Microsoft itself has a personal mission in the partnership. They want to re-appoint its name after losing the competitive landscape against smartphone makers.

Keep in mind, not the Windows Phone Lumia 900 is touted as one of the masterpieces of the Microsoft. But in the United States, Lumia 900 has become a bigger story than Windows Phone. The phone is scheduled to be released on April 8, 2012.

In general, the Lumia 900 does not offer anything new. With a screen measuring 4.3-inch AMOLED display, touch screen Nokia makes a pretty feast for the eyes and easy to see, even though we are under the sun rays. But what is unfortunate, the resolution under the iPhone or other Android phones the size of 720p. Nokia provides a single processor with a speed of 1.4 GHz as the brain of the mobile phone.
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Smartphone Processor Is Not The Most Important

With the increasing number of smartphones in circulation, you may experience some confusion in determining the choice of buying a gadget. Moreover, the development by each plant as not stopping and constantly improve the appearance of the quality and performance of its products, up from the outward appearance.

However, we are often stuck with the idea that the more complete a processor core, the higher the graphics capabilities of the mobile phone.

Greg Sullivan, Senior Product Manager of Microsoft, says that you can not just rely on the processor as the only reference in buying a smart phone. “When you becoming number of processor cores as the sole consideration, then you’ve made a mistake,” Sullivan said as quoted from

Double strength with double chip

You may often hear the general opinion that says that a gadget will have a chart improvement in performance when the processor has more than one core. You will often get advice from friends who say that dual-core processors and quad-core processors will have better performance when compared to a smartphone powered by a single core processor.
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BlackBerry The Drowning

Five years ago, the BlackBerry may be a brand that successfully describes an actual smartphone. Wealth of features and more capabilities that are not owned by other phones, mobile phone produced by Research In Motion (RIM) has managed to become one of the icons to the advancement of telecommunications technology world.

“Many people think that the BlackBerry is a mandatory gadget to have,” said columnist Frank Langfitt in 2005, as quoted from “With these capabilities, the BlackBerry seems to be a hand-held computer that can send email, as well as for the call.”

But in this era, as RIM does not move to rival the remarkable progress that was launched by rivals. BlackBerry is no longer a symbol of one of the smartphones. With the increasing competition in the smartphone market, BlackBerry turned into a symbol of the fall due to the cruel world of the digital economy.

Even on March 29, 2012, RIM print “achievement” of its own. The company’s stock has reached its lowest point since 2003. Not quite up there, Jim Balsillie, who was serving as co-CEO, was forced to resign. Some economic analysts at the time predicted that RIM should be rescued by a third party. Rumors were circulating at the time said that Microsoft is the one party that will hold RIM.
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Samsung Mobile Anti Water

In modern times many emerging mobile phone with a touch screen. Many vendors are starting to leave the concept of hardiness phone or water resistant. But one major vendor is Samsung’s use of the occasion by releasing the Samsung C3350 Xcover 2. Here is a brief description of the gadget’s anti-dust and water.

With the size and weight of 110 grams 52.9×122.5×17.9mm Samsung C3350 Xcover 2 appear to form a rather large with strong casing material because considering intent for outdoor themed phone.

The keypad comes with a design that used a rubber made alphanumeric little harsh. On the side you’ll find the volume buttons, micro-USB port, a flashlight and a camera on the back there. To strengthen the back chasing this new outdoor mobile phone, equipped with typical rotary locking system outdoor phone.

Although the main goal is to survive the making of dust and water, new outdoor mobile phone is equipped with adequate hardware like TFT screen, camera, 38MB internal memory, external memory microSD, micro-USB port and an FM radio. To power Samsung C3350 Xcover 2 uses a Li-Ion 1300 mAh.

Mobile outdoor newest Samsung C3350 Xcover 2 which uses 262K color TFT screen resolution of 240×320 pixels and measures 2.2 inches comes with Samsung bandage typical menu with shortcuts on the home screen, and despite being in the water screen is still clearly visible.

Predicate obtained after Xcover IP67 certified to pass the test of water and dust resistance, in addition there is also a flashlight to help you on even days. You can also run Java-based applications on the phone.

For outdoor mobile Samsung did not make forget the entertainment for consumers. Evidenced by include some multimedia features like 2 MP camera, FM radio, music player. To listen to the radio you do not need to plug the headset because it was available internal antenna.

It is unfortunate that Samsung C3350 Xcover 2 merely exploring the virtual world using GPRS and EDGE networks, the lack of WiFi  given a fairly cheap price. For those of you who like chatting with friends, Samsung C3350 Xcover 2 already provides a wide range of third-party applications like Gtalk and Yahoo Messenger.

While it can be classified in the beginner class phones, features are given adequate and did not disappoint. No need to worry about running out of battery because the smart phone is equipped with a large enough power. Plus the latest mobile phone Samsung C3350 Xcover outdoor 2 can dive up into 1 meter and can last for 30 minutes. It is suitable for you who like to travel long distances.