8 Tips Baby Bathing

After giving birth, one of the activities that mothers should learn is how to bathe the baby. For your mothers and new mothers, the following tips, as quoted iVillage:

1. Before bathing, you should first prepare all equipment before and after the baby shower. Ranging from towels, soap, bath, shampoo, clean clothes, gauze (if the baby has not been off the umbilical cord), Telon oil, and other necessities.

2. Make sure your baby is satisfied and calm before the bath. Choose a bath when the baby looks relaxed.

3. Use a washcloth or sponge bath soft for baby’s umbilical cord has not been separated.

4. Tests used to condition water used baby shower with your wrist or elbow. The water bath should be warm and comfortable for the baby. Continue reading “8 Tips Baby Bathing”

Tips to Prevent Tantrums For Kids

Reported by Kids-Health, tantrums usually occur when the child enters the age of 1-3 years. Some causes of tantrums that often occurs in between, the child seeking attention, tired, hungry or uncomfortable.

Tantrums can also occur when a child is frustrated with his world. The purpose of the sentence is, when the child can not achieve what he wanted, he could upset incredible. The frustration in children, although the new-old toddler, is normal. By feeling that children can recognize frustration and learn cope.

Although normal, actually you as parents can prevent these tantrums. Do not get when tantrums are happening, you’ve tried to overcome it because it would be difficult and frustrating.

Here are his tips as reported by e-How:

1. Create a good example Continue reading “Tips to Prevent Tantrums For Kids”

New Working Mom Gives Birth? Immediately Dairy milk!

Working mothers who have just given birth are advised to follow these tips if you want to succeed give your baby breast milk. The mother worked very advisable to express their breast milk as early as possible.

“We recommend early as possible. Can in between feedings or while breastfeeding,” advises Chief Nursing Mothers Association of Indonesia (AIMI) Mia Sutanto when talking with Wolipop in the West Cilandak, South Jakarta.

Mia raised the suggestion is not without reason. With milking breast milk as early as possible, the mother could be quieter work because it already has a lot of dairy milk supply.

If a new mother milking breast milk before she returned to work, the mother can be stressful because of being chased by a limited stock. The effect of this stress, breastfeeding mothers can not smooth so the stock dwindling and exclusive breastfeeding program eventually failed.
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How to Cure Hiccups In Babies

Babies often have hiccups after drinking milk or eating. Hiccup is sometimes annoying but as long as the baby is still a baby are happy, smiling and eating and drinking well there is nothing to worry about.

“Babies usually have hiccups caused by either feeding with breast milk, formula or other foods. Addition, the decrease in temperature can cause a baby’s cold can also cause hiccups,” says Lynnette Mazur, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston , as quoted from babycenter.

Hiccups are a reflex movements of the body and is accompanied by a distinctive sound due to irritation of the diaphragm. The diaphragm plays a major role in the course of respiration and metabolic processes. Diaphragm pulling and pushing on a regular basis that regulates entry and exit of air during the process of respiration.

The structure will be disturbed muscle function if there is anything that inhibits the process, either from internal or external factors.
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