Tips For Kids To Learn Toilet Training

After knowing when the right time to teach your child toilet training, you now need to learn the tricks that the kids want to do so. Here are some powerful ways that children want a small or large bowel movements in the bathroom.

1. Prepare all necessary equipment
As reported by the Mayo Clinic, put the potty (potty chair) in your bathroom. Ask the children to sit on the potty. Besides pot, you can also put pictures of that interest your child. These pictures can be the way you want your child to go to the bathroom.

Ask the children to try the potty until he feels comfortable. Feel free to experiment a few times. It does not matter if the kids end up playing. Most importantly the children are not familiar with the object.

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Parent’s Role When Babies Start Learning Way

During the first year, a lot of progress being made babies. Starting from the learning rolling, crawling and sitting up he could stand at the age of about eight months.

Once able to stand alone, the baby will begin to cultivate the confidence to balance position. The average baby start their first steps between the ages of 9-12 months and could run well at 14-15 months. But do not worry if your child takes longer. There are also many children who could just walk in the age of 16-17 months.

When Babies Start Learning the Way?

Reported baby center, at the age of five months, the baby will begin to love jumping when foot is placed on your thigh. Lope will be a favorite activity for several months. Baby’s leg muscles continued to grow as he also began studying roll, sit and crawl.
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Confusion Parents Can Help Babies Learn to Talk

Have you ever suddenly confused explain something so have to murmur like ‘ummm’ and ‘aah’? According to the study, was a murmur because of the confusion it can actually help babies learn to talk.

The study was conducted by the University of Rochester, New York. They studied three groups of children aged 18-30 months.

When researched, each child was placed in the groin father or mother in front of a computer. The computer then shows the pictures were quite familiar to them such as a ball or a book and images that are less well known.

The baby was then listened to their parents’ voices when saying the object is seen on a computer. When the father or mother, confused and grunting ‘ummm’ and ‘aaah’, the baby instinctively immediately see on the picture is less known than the familiar images. He felt the picture was suddenly important. Continue reading “Confusion Parents Can Help Babies Learn to Talk”

4 Things to Do When Children Lie

As a parent would you always expect your child to tell the truth. But often it does not match expectations with reality. How do I stop the habit of lying?

According to psychologists from the National University Hospital, Jessie Ooh, children lie for different reasons than adults. “Children pre-school age children can lie because they can not distinguish between fantasy and reality. They love to tell stories that are not real,” he said.

Added Jessie, children pre-school age children do not understand lying is a mistake. “Children lie because they want to be liked or friends or other people they want to look good can work together or with others,” he said.

Whatever the cause, the parents still have to break the habit of lying child. Parents should not lie even though it was a white lie. For example, you claim to have no money when children are too often ask buy toys. Continue reading “4 Things to Do When Children Lie”

Children in the UK Wants More Women Skinny

Reports of the British Journal of Psychology worrying many. According to the report, this time half of the children in England aged 3-6 years, always worried that they will become obese.

From the results of these studies also stated, at the age of 7 years, 70% of girls want to be thinner. And at age 9 years, half of the girls had been on a diet.

Reported by the Daily Mail, umut when they reach 11-17 years, girls in the UK increasingly obsessed thinner and sexier. Mostly of girls are obsessed with skinny inspired from television, celebrities, friends at school, internet or message of some billboard advertisements.
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